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While riding through the stars, we came upon a world
A world full of weakness, they had to be armcurled
One entire planet devoted to sucking
They never saw it coming
Sledgehammer lust, fetish for steel
Pistons to punish their feeble ideals
Steamroller of anguish, bulldozer of pain
Our mighty genetics have made us insane

(I've got a hard-on for-)
Masculine empowered, ego inflates
Weaker species die - I masturbate
Post retardation and wussdom
Something must be done about this scum
Melting down those who oppose our rule
Destruction by molten iron and fuel
Slick hot oil injected with love
Lusting for vengeance I must do this because I've got a hard-on for Violence

Devoid of pity we flex our way through the universe
Don't you worry, it only gets worse
Our galaxy cannot sustain us
Fucking perverse
Establishing culture that is strong and not weak
Bench pressing planets atop mountain peaks
Witness the dawn of our age
Aroused and fucking enraged

Turn on the hatred and watch it expand
Pulsing with anger controlled by a man
Egosis Majoris to which all shall kneel
Open up wide, prepare for my...

Nine base pairs in a triple helix
Undeveloped species make me fuckin' sick
With a firm grip on my chainsaw jackhammer
Purging weakness is my desire

I've got a hard on for Violence
Crushing life must be done
Grinding excuses into dust
With our steelbound lust
I've got a hard on for Violence.


from The Will of the Turbine, released August 15, 2013


tags: metal Kiel


all rights reserved


Turbine Kiel, Germany

It is the will of Turbine to spread a message of discipline, dedication, and unwavering devotion to truth, fidelity, and the triumph of might over the vices and distractions of the modern world.
Tradition and heritage over decadence forever.
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