The Will of the Turbine

by Turbine

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released August 15, 2013


tags: metal Kiel


all rights reserved


Turbine Kiel, Germany

It is the will of Turbine to spread a message of discipline, dedication, and unwavering devotion to truth, fidelity, and the triumph of might over the vices and distractions of the modern world.
Tradition and heritage over decadence forever.
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Track Name: Turbine
Leather and furs, triumph of might
Crushing the feeble tonight
Run and hide, none will be safe
promoting strength, this is our faith
Without a collar or fucking leash
I am above and you are beneath
Testosterone filled, we laugh at your god
Our genetics are perfect and yours are flawed

Soldiers equipped with armour of leather
Riding for pain, riding together
Carving out holes to bury the weak
Crushing the feeble with sonic technique
Adrenaline junkies killing the weak
Genetically perfected thrash attack beasts
Punishing the putrid, writhing hordes
You can't stop us this is war

Lifting weights, pumping steel
Only our way of life is real
Drinking, punishing, destroying the false
Time to entry now with big iron balls
I annihilate the writhing throng
Stupidity run amok far too long
Thermo-nuclear I purge the disease
Ideals shatter with frightening ease

Crotch thrusting rock, soul crushing gloom
Smashing your face into our bell of doom
Chainsaw Jackhammer, endless pain
The end of your life is a wonderful gain
Track Name: Wasteland Warriors
Blazing a path through the planet's remains
Annihilating weakness, so inhumane
Revving our engines, bending the steel
Thick red-hot hatred survivors will feel

Highways abandoned connecting the realms
We are enraged, the weak overwhelmed
Smashing the strongholds purging all life
Chainsaw jackhammer, pleasure device

Hideous deformed nuclear freaks
some form of Savior they try to seek
Lack of intelligence makes me gag
Your emotions are my punching bag

grease on our faces and blood on our hands
emptying survivors from our wastelands
the few cities left we'll burn to the ground
smelling out fear we are death unbound

fire up the engines and snap into gear
threats of torture and rape send them running with fear
smash my bottle ride over the shreds
the wheels on my bike are fucking tank treads

feeble and weak you make me sick
Pulsing and angry my thick hatred stick
Ubiquitously hostile perfection in my genes
A pumping, destroying, well oiled machine

removing my shades, covered with dust
look on your women with lust and disgust
Hollow reactions; hollow release
When you are gone productivity will increase
Track Name: The Lizard People
After the bombs had fallen, the strong had still survived
The desert bore something else, other life had thrived
Reptile People
People Reptiles
Highly advanced from nuclear fallout
They call the caverns home
Their brains developed, but not their muscles
We overtake their throne

Giving them illusion of higher race
But soon their destiny they have to embrace
Stocked up like cattle, to our plates they're condemned
Intelligent? Irrelevant, the weak must be eaten

Capable of interplanetary travel
Irrelevant, they must become a fucking mouthful
Reptilian humanoid advancement subdued
We're more buff, we eat meat, therefore they are our food

Primitive slaughterhouse, technology gone
Strip them of their scales, rip them with our brawn
Blood on my hands, sauce on my chin
We won't stop til' we've devoured all of their kin
Track Name: Barracus
The war had awakened the underground hive
Clamouring to the surface the strong will survive
Hibernation has taken it's toll on their might
They rebuild their strength by the coming of night
The leader of the tribe, known as Barracus
Nuclear radiation has made him beyond buff

He teaches his minions the art of true hate
They march from their chasm bringing mankind his fate
Insane amounts of Bufftitude unleashed upon the world
Ignorance destroyed, stupidity armcurled
Contradictions vanish, crushed swiftly with might
truth and glory rise at the coming of night

Writhing enraged across the barren land
Unsustainability destroyed and banned
Religion, politics, left-wing fucktards
Watching them die makes my dick hard
Globalization, centralization,
Overpopulation, obliteration,
Stupid regulations on Insemination
The end result: Self Immolation

Ripped and flexing the hordes press on
Destroying culture that is weak and not strong
All that remains from the oppressive raids
Is etched into stone, carved into caves
Runic languages are all that survive
The true way of life begins to revive
Knowledge and culture, eternal in stone
Our muscle-bound gods return to their throne

Silenced and gone are the ways of the past
Technology erased by the warriors amassed
Computers, the internet, electronics gone
Survival of the fittest, the old ways have dawned
Resurrection of art, determination, and goals
The satisfied hordes return to their hole
Lying in wait, Barracus now does sleep
Should ignorance flourish he will rise from the deep
Track Name: Let's Ride
Abandoning the dirt, we're finished with the earth
Higher than all species that this planet ever birthed
We leave behind our system of nine feeble rocks
Orbiting the sun inhabited by none

Motorcycles fueled on pride and on rage
Overdrive, hyperdrive, light speed engage
Racing to new realms in the silent black of space
Riding through the never on the vessel made of hate

Thus the will of the almighty Turbine erupted into the cosmos
taking with them the strength, determination, and hatred needed to purge the entire universe of weakness, establishing an empire of truth and glory
so vast and so dedicated to their cause that only rubble was left in their wake.
Taken back to sqaure one, the universe had been pruned of it's dead evolutionary branches, making room for perfection to rise once more untainted by decadence, excuses, and vice
A beautiful era of iron and fire awaits us on the horizon.
The time is now.
We Ride.

Leaving behind mars, bringing with us war
Engines rev, muscles flex, we are carnivores
Riding hard, riding fast, riding buff, unsurpassed
Guided, driven, and obsessed by our lust for progress

Longships combined with Harleys and Hate
Rocketfueled justice, galaxies are raped
Imbued by the power of the north
Collective entity, flexing, rides forth.
Track Name: Violence
While riding through the stars, we came upon a world
A world full of weakness, they had to be armcurled
One entire planet devoted to sucking
They never saw it coming
Sledgehammer lust, fetish for steel
Pistons to punish their feeble ideals
Steamroller of anguish, bulldozer of pain
Our mighty genetics have made us insane

(I've got a hard-on for-)
Masculine empowered, ego inflates
Weaker species die - I masturbate
Post retardation and wussdom
Something must be done about this scum
Melting down those who oppose our rule
Destruction by molten iron and fuel
Slick hot oil injected with love
Lusting for vengeance I must do this because I've got a hard-on for Violence

Devoid of pity we flex our way through the universe
Don't you worry, it only gets worse
Our galaxy cannot sustain us
Fucking perverse
Establishing culture that is strong and not weak
Bench pressing planets atop mountain peaks
Witness the dawn of our age
Aroused and fucking enraged

Turn on the hatred and watch it expand
Pulsing with anger controlled by a man
Egosis Majoris to which all shall kneel
Open up wide, prepare for my...

Nine base pairs in a triple helix
Undeveloped species make me fuckin' sick
With a firm grip on my chainsaw jackhammer
Purging weakness is my desire

I've got a hard on for Violence
Crushing life must be done
Grinding excuses into dust
With our steelbound lust
I've got a hard on for Violence.